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Punched Tape Concertina Coil

Concertina Wire is officially known as Punched Tape Concertina Coil (PTCC) as per the Ministry of Defence, India specifications. It is fabricated with razor sharp steel blades. It is frightening to the aggressive perimeter intruder, with the design making climbing and touching extremely difficult, it is viciously effective as an anti-climb security fence. PTCC is particularly difficult to crush or trample and is almost impossible to cut without specialized tools and even then it is a slow dangerous job.

Concertina Wire as manufactured by Gravitas Industries can be stored in a compact condition ready for use. It is available in a Galvanised finish so as to prevent the blades rusting and becoming blunt. These are made of Galvanised Steel strip with four hook barbs, die cut every 25mm & cold clenched around a high tensile spring steel core wire. The barbs are so close as to prevent any hand hold & designed to rip into all forms of clothing.

Concertina Wire is formed by clipping adjacent loops of a single coil to one another at regular points around the circumference. When extended, this forms a cylindrical pattern like a coil spring & limits the extension of the coil giving it integral strength, reducing the need for supporting cables. The hardened spring steel core wire reinforces the self-supporting barrier, making it extremely difficult to cut & ensures that the Concertina Coil will remain effective as a security fence for many years. Concertina Wire is attached to a directly to a fence line or surface via a "V" or "W" Mesh profile.

Concertina Wire security fencing has gained the reputation of being a low cost, effective high security fencing product.

Specifications of Concertina Wire / Razor Wire:

Coil Diameter >
Parameters ↓
300 mm
12 in / 1 foot
450 mm
18 in / 1 ½ ft
600 mm
24 in / 2 ft
750 mm
30 in / 2 ½ ft
1050 mm
42 in / 3 ½ ft
No. of turns 40 50 50 50 50
Approx. Wt. of coil 4 kgs 6.25 kgs. 8.25 kgs. 10.5 kgs. 15.25 kgs.
Full straight length
37 mts. 70 mts. 94 mts. 117 mts. 164 mts.
Recommended coil stretch length 4 – 5 mts. 4 – 5 mts. 5 - 6 mts. 8 – 10 mts. 15 mts.
No. Of clips 3 5 5 5 5

Installation methods for Concertina Wire / Razor wire: