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Chain Link

Chain link fencing is a method of fencing used to secure a boundary which has several advantages beyond an opaque wall. Chain link is a galvanized coated wire run through a machine to form into a zig zag pattern which allows the next zig zag wire pattern to sew into it and form a couple. Such couples linked to one another are multiplied to form a metal wall like structure which can offer you many advantages by feature. A chain link fence will look like a wire made into a diamond shape linearly. This made chain link to the required height and length as per your requirement is then fastened to firm fencing posts which can hold the chain link in position to form a transparent wall. A chain link fence is mostly preferred as a cost-cutting solution.

Chain link fencing is very cheap, low in maintenance, and it is highly functional compared to a brick wall. It is a useful option for residential and commercial set-ups. The low cost and the ease of installation makes it an instant solution in all settings. Chain link fences are also used for partitions and also to temporarily secure construction sites. Gates and doors are provided where ever necessary to allow access into your perimeter. Chain link fencing is the least expensive fencing option available, ideal for homeowners on a budget. Especially if you require a fence for a large space, A chain link fence is just what you need whether for temporary or for permanent use.

The smaller the space between the parallel or diamond-shaped wires in the fencing fabric, the more steel the fence contains. Standard mesh sizes are 1" x 1" | 1½" x1 ½" | 2" x 2" | 2 ¼" x 2 ¼" | 2 ½" x 2 ½" | 2 ¾" ' x 2 ¾" | 3" x 3" Smaller mesh sizes are available but they are more suitable for fencing poultry farms. Get the right mesh size to make sure that your fence serves its purpose.

Specifications of Chain Link Mesh :

Wire Diameter >
Mesh Size ↓
3mm 4mm
  Approx. weight in grams per sq. Ft.
1 ½ in x 1 ½ in 310 500
2 in x 2 in 225 400
2 ½ in x 2 ½ in 185 315
3 in x 3 in 170 290
4 in x 4 in 130 210